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The North Kitsap Teacher of the Year Award was established as a permanent program to annually honor an outstanding school teacher in both primary and secondary schools in our community.  The award recognizes those public and private school teachers who, through personal initiative and sacrifice, inspire our children to be the best they can be, thereby benefiting our entire community. The intent is to reward and encourage creative, quality teaching and also to serve notice that our community cherishes its fine teachers.  


The award includes both public recognition and a monetary grant to each year’s honorees. The geographic area of eligibility stretches from Keyport to Hansville and from Bangor to Kingston--the entire area of North Kitsap.   In 2017, the committee introduced a Rookie of the Year Award to honor those teachers been who have been teaching fewer than five years.  We want to honor all of these exceptional educators and motivate them to stay in our area and continue inspiring students for years to come.  Please join us! Help us recognize those who do so much for us.


2019-2020 honorees Allison Lynch, Malauri Uhl and Katie Schmidt

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