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The North Kitsap Teacher of the Year Committee is a non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Washington. The group is guided by an elected board of trustees composed of individuals from the local community who meet several times a year. The actual work of the award selection is carried out by a selection committee comprised of community volunteers enlisted by the board of trustees.


Board Members

Melissa Rogers, President

Eliza Evans, Vice President

Marisol Schielke, Secretary

Christina Namauleg, Treasurer

Kerri Nyman, Member-at-Large


The monetary portion of the award is derived from a permanent (perpetual) endowment created by local contributions to produce an income-generating fund. Only the income earned by the fund is used for the award. The principal will be left untouched. As the endowment enlarges through fundraising efforts, it is our hope the award will grow.


Get involved!  If you would like to be a part of honoring exceptional teachers in North Kitsap, we are seeking additional board and selection committee members. The time commitment is minimal but the rewards are great!


*Disclaimer--We are not affiliated with the North Kitsap School District. We honor teachers from any public and private schools in the greater North Kitsap area.*